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TOP QUOTE:   "If we leave everything to the professionals, then what's the fun of having your own garden?"

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Welcome to Stump Grinder! Your ultimate guide to Tree Stump Grinding without too much cost and effort!


Let's face it, it's never cheap maintaining your garden, let alone cutting a whole (or multiple) tree stump from your property. The cost of tree cutting is already enough to make many homeowners screaming. However, what most people may not realize is that these tree cutting companies don't normally take the removed stump with them. Of course, they would still offer the service, but at an additional price based on the size of the trunk usually measured by length and diameter.

The truth is, most homeowners tend to maintain their own garden or backyard....even if it means spending an entire day on the job, where if they were to hire a professional, it'll properly take them an hour or two to accomplish. However, many people enjoy this type of maintainence and you may be surprised at how many people treat it as a hobby. It doesn't matter if it's lawn mowing, flower trimming, removing weed, furtilizing your plants to cutting down an entire tree. If these people have the proper tools and equipment (like a personal home use stump grinder), they won't mind spending a whole day getting it done.

So....are you one of those gardening or landscaping enthusiast?

To be honest, we don't really care, because at the end of the day....our mission is to provide quality consumer information helping you find the easiest and most cost-effective way of getting your unwanted trees removed from your premise. Yes! This includes farm owners (or farmers) as well where they may have more than a dozen trees to get rid of. Therefore, if you're interested in a stump grinder, regardless whether it's operated by you or trained professionals, then this may be the most important site you've ever read this year!

Even if you're not into garden maintenance, you can be faced upon many questions as to which to choose and more importantly, what to expect and look for. There are many tradesmen who claims to be professional tree removers, but the truth is most of these people are just people like yourself who might not have much clue, all they do is invest in the right equipments and start their own tree removal business. They might not even know if they are charging the right price to start with...let alone offering cheap or discounted prices to their customers.

However, before we get into more details about stump grinders, we want everyone to understanding that operating one of these grinding machines is not an easy task. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of Safety Guide to ensure everyone who's using one of these machines can do so safely without putting themselves or others around them in danger. Our leading analyst comments about safety. See their website located at https://www.fortworthstumpgrinding.com

What is a Stump Grinder?

A stump grinder is a powerful piece of equipment that removes tree stumps. It has a rotating disc that cuts the wood away. Stump grinders vary in size depending on the brand and the power of the machine. Some are smaller, some are larger.  Large stump grinders can be as large as a car.  

After a tree has been removed from the ground, the stump of the tree is left behind. Should you leave the stump in the ground or should you remove it? 

Is it fine to leave the stump? 

Once tree stumps are cut from the tree, it begins to decay and rot. Over a period of time, the rotting stump becomes a home to insects like carpenter ants. Termites are usually attracted to rotting wood such as tree stumps. Ants and termites can easily migrate from the rotting tree stump in your yard to your house. This is ususally how pest problems start. Removing the tree stump is usually the best way to avoid potential problems with pests in your home. 

What are some other reasons why I should remove a stump? 

  • A decaying stump is ugly. It can detract from the beauty of your property and possilby effect the value of your home or commercial land.  
  • The spot where the stump lays is area that can't be mowed. And mowind over a stump or it's remaining roots could definitely damage your lawn mower costing you extra money. 
  • Planting a new tree is not a realistic opportunity if the roots that are left are in close proximity. 

Stump removal is more involved and more intrusive than stump grinding. It involves lifting and extraction of the the tree stump and all of it's roots. This is a lengthy process and can take a lot of muscle. The upside thing about removing the stump is that your left with a flat, clean area to work with afterwards. The downside is that removing a stump can leave you with a large, unattractive whole in the ground if it's not filled in, which can be a safety hazard.  

Grinding down a stump is much less involved. It's an easier, faster solution in which a machine is used to completely grind the stump down into pieces. Although stump grinding is less expensive and a faster answer to the problem, it leaves the tree’s roots in the ground. Roots can take up to 10 years or more to fully rot and completely break down. Contact a local arborist for questions about what's best for your situation. A local tree stump removal company can also help in most cases. 


Tips Of The Day!
Whatever you're trying to achieve with your tree stump grinding machine, make sure you always put safety as your first priority! Yes! This includes yourself, others and everything else around you.

Tip of the Month!

A stump grinder can be a size of a lawn mower or it can be as big as a tractor. It really depends on how many trees you're trying to grind and your landscaping needs. So, before you decide to buy or rent a tree grinder, please consider the above and choose the best one that suits your budget and needs!

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