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Stump Killer - Using Chemicals To Rot and Kill Stumps!

After a tree is cut off, the base part of it remains in the ground deep inside the soil. For it to rot and decay naturally, it takes a long time, however this decaying rate can be increased by artificial means such as chemicals. Stump killing is a mean of quickening the natural decomposition process with the help of these chemicals, otherwise known as stump killer.

What are the chemicals?

Mostly water and chemicals rich in nitrogen are used for this process. The water is an important part because it acts as an ally for the entire killing process. The more the stump is wet the quicker it gets rotten. Certain agents are also used to trap the moisture present in the stump in order to fasten the decaying period.

There are many other ingredients that are used in these stump killer products and some of the major ones include herbicides, glyphosate isopropylamine, salt, caustic soda, copper sulfate, potassium nitrite and much more.

How Is It Done?

First, you will need a quality drill with long drill bits. You can start by drilling deep holes into the stump. Try to drill as many holes as you can both vertically and horizontally about 1 inch apart. Afterward, you can start filling the holes with water (preferably hot water) so that the stump remains wet and moist inside. After this the nitrogen rich fertilizers can be used. These stump killers are filled into these holes allowing it to flow down to the roots, breaking up its natural components and killing it slowly. Even the cow manure can also be used in this process.

The ground around the stump should be soaked. A plastic tarp can be used to cover the stump so that the tarp acts like a barrier and doesn’t allow the moisture to escape. Above the tarp we can apply organic mulch. The main purpose for using this mulch is that it prevents the tarp from blowing away. We can also add some weight by using rocks. After this the final process is complete, simply wait till the stump decays completely.

The Natural, But Slower method

Organically a stump can be removed through aging, but it takes a lot of time. In order to remove the stump in an organic way we can use certain species of fungi which can be grown on the stumps. They decay them slowly but they are efficient players. People who have patience can implement this method as it removes the stump completely thereby avoiding any growth in the future.

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Tips Of The Day!
The next time you mulch your garden, apply a layer of newspaper before you add the bark mulches. This provides better protection in preventing weeds and maintains a healthy soil temperature for your plants growth.

Photo Gallery!
Stump Killer or Remover Product

As you can see from the picture above, this is a typical stump killer or stump remover that you can purchase at almost any supermarket. Simply follow the direction on the label and use accordingly.

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